5 Tips to Avoid Reptile Skin This Winter

5 Tips to Avoid Reptile Skin This Winter


With our skin protecting us against the germs and chemicals in our environment, it is often the first to complain and let us know that we aren’t taking care of ourselves as well as we should be. Dry skin cracks more easily and weakens the barrier putting the body at greater risk of infection. Cold weather, heating and early mornings pressing snooze rather than at the gym can all take their toll on our largest organ. It’s no secret that hydration is the key!


Water water water.. It not only plumps the the skin at a cellular level helping to produce smooth skin but water also helps the body wash away the toxins that would otherwise create dull lifeless skin. While eight glasses of water a day is a general guideline it is important to adjust your water intake to your personal needs based on age, weight, environment and levels of activity. While two litres of water is recommended for a 60kg person a 90kg person will need closer to three litres per day. If you are active or employed in a physically demanding role you may need to increase your daily allowance. Keeping a track of your water by using a personal water bottle helps you keep track of your water consumption.


Fresh fruit and vegetables are not only loaded with skin revitalising healthy vitamins and mineralsl but also water! Vitamin A found in orange and yellow vegetables such as carrots, squash, papaya is essential to maintaining healthy skin as are the healthy oils found in nuts, avocado and coconut. It is a winning component of a healthy diet and essential for happy glowing skin.


Avoid hot showers.. Unfortunately the temptation for a long hot shower on a cold day while wonderfully soothing is detrimental to the moisture in your skin. In fact the hotter the shower the more detrimental to your skin. Enjoying a warm bath is often a good alternative to getting warmed up and extra effective if you add nourishing bath soak or bath oils.


Top up your skin hydration! Ensure your skin is well hydrated with moisturisers and creams loaded with skin nourishing oils. Body scrubs keep your skin looking radiant and glowing. Regular exfoliation encourages blood supply to the skin while sloughing off the dead skin. The smooth skin is better able to absorb moisturisers.


Humidity… Winter air typically is a lot drier than other seasons. We tend to spend more time indoors in heated environments that play havoc with your skin’s moisture levels. You can minimise the impact increasing the humidity in your space with either a portable humidifier or some built heaters and reverse cycle systems have a option to increase the humidity.



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