The truth about triple scented candles...

Triple scented sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Three times the delicious fragrance of your favourite candle sounds like it can only be a good thing. You could safely assume that other candles are not as strongly scented or that you are getting three times more value.


Like all things that sound too good to be true it really isnt the way it sounds. I see them in stores and it makes my toes curl. It is one of the great marketing tricks of the candle industry and it continues to lure unsuspecting buyers in every day! So here are the facts so that you can shop with confidence knowing you have the inside scoop.


Let’s start with candle wax. No matter whether it’s soy, palm, paraffin or bees wax, manufacturers provide guidelines on the amount of fragrance that should be used with their wax based on scientific density testing of their product. Even amongst soy waxes there is a vast range of fragrance recommendations based on the formulation of each wax. If as candle makers we use too little fragrance the candle scent will be insipid however too much fragrance can cause serious safety risks. The percentage recommended varies but in all waxes there is a maximum amount of fragrance the wax can absorb safely before the candle becomes a fire hazard.


As responsible candlemakers we work to these guidelines to produce candles that are not only beautifully fragranced but safe to have in your home. So if the guideline for your chosen wax says 9% does that make your triple scented candle 27% fragrance, almost a third highly flammable oil?? You definitely want to hope not! Or does that mean that the average candle is only 3%? Doubtful because that would produce a very very lightly scented candle.


As an experienced candle maker, extensive testing takes place to ensure the perfect balance of fragrance to suit the materials we are using. Most candle makers work in the upper range of the recommended limits as standard but the amount of fragrance alone isn't what makes a great candle. It is our choice of wax, the quality of fragrance used, the temperature we add the scent and later pour the candle, the container and the wick that is selected that produces the perfect candle! We are like you.. we love a beautifully scented candle.


The truth is that triple scented is a great way to sell candles to unsuspecting buyers. Even many retailers fall for the hype of triple scented candles. You are armed with the the inside secrets .. go forth and follow your nose to pick a winner!


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