Welcome to Ajana!

Welcome to Ajana!


Thanks for dropping in to read our very first blog post!  I wanted to introduce myself and share a little about what we are doing at Ajana :-)


The name A-jan-a while partly my name was discovered in the very early days by a very dear friend and we knew it was instantly right for what I was trying to create. It means eternal beauty inside and out or forever blossoming which makes my heart happy!


I am Jana .. I started Ajana in 2009 with very humble beginnings after making natural alternatives to replace some of my favourite home and skin products.  Our friends and family fell in love with my formulations, spread the word and so became Ajana.


I am incredibly grateful for such wonderful support from our customers who continue spreading the word, helping Ajana grow every year since into a thriving small business!


Today I am very lucky to say it is my full time gig! I hand craft over 100 natural products all from our studio in Brisbane. My partner David and I create and design everything from the products to our labels, stationary and website! We are a small team creating quality products that are 100% natural.  You have joined a wonderful tribe of peeps that love chemical free products that not only look and smell fabulous but really work!


Our creations are genuinely 100% natural... no little bits of this or that. It really bugs me when you go to buy something or worse get home to find the small print includes chemicals. Sadly in Australia our ability to claim natural or organic status is not as stringent as some parts of the world! Ingredient labeling can be incredibly difficult to navigate so we like to help take the guess work out of shopping for you.


At Ajana, we source vegan friendly, sustainable and ethically produced ingredients. It is important to us that the products are not only human friendly but earth & animal friendly too.


The process of eliminating chemicals from our homes is an ongoing one.  We are constantly creating, testing and re-testing to bring you the very best we have to offer! If you have any product requests, suggestions or feedback I welcome you to get in touch at hello@ajana.com.au.


Signing off for now! Hope you have a fabulous day!







Jana xo



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