What’s all the Fuss about Body Scrubs ….

What’s all the Fuss about Body Scrubs ….


For some body scrubs are an obsession. For others their appeal is surrounded in mystery. Most people know body scrubs simply for the fabulous smooth glowing skin that exfoliating brings but the health and beauty benefits extend far beyond silky skin. So here is the low down on why you may want to consider making body scrubs part of your regular shower routine.


Scrubs cleanse the skin while gently sloughing away the dead skin cells. The exfoliating action leaves your skin smooth, the pores open and ready to fully absorb the therapeutic oils. The action of scrubbing the skin also stimulates blood flow to the area. This boosts circulation promoting good skin health and assisting lymphatic drainage which is one of the processes the body uses to eliminate toxins. Regular exfoliation also helps prevent skin conditions such as clogged pores, ingrown hairs, and evil break outs and can improve the appearance of age spots or pigmentation. If you are planning on a spray tan, a body scrub in the days before can remove any dead and dry skin to help ensure an even tan.


There are many types of body scrubs with exfoliating agents ranging from sugar, salt, crushed nut shells or even chemicals designed to remove the dead skin. At Ajana, we usually use salt or sugar as a base in our formulations blended with nourishing oils and 100% pure essential oils as they are completely natural, beautifully fragrant and effective at exfloiating and replenishing the fresh skin. Aside from smelling incredible, the addition of ground coffee in our mocha scrub gives the skin a shot of caffeine which is believed to firm and tighten the skin particularly areas affected by cellulite.


Unlike most spa treatments, body scrubs are easy and quick to apply at home and will only take a few minutes before showering. Although many people apply the scrub to damp skin, scrubs are usually best applied to dry skin as the power of the scrub is undiluted and the skin readily soaks up all of the oils in the scrub. No pressure is needed. Gently apply by massaging into the skin in small circular motions and rinse in the shower, taking care that the oils have not made the shower slippery. Pat dry with a towel to ensure that your skin retains the nourishing oils and you are all done!



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