Recycling Buckets - Happy Compost
Recycling Buckets - Happy Compost

Recycling Buckets - Happy Compost

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These recycling buckets are the perfect way to save your compost scraps from the kitchen!

In our home not much goes to waste. If the humans don't eat it, the dogs get first option. If the dogs aren't interested, the chooks are next in line.. and if it is organic but not suitable for chooks it hits the compost heap to be recycled into beautiful rich garden soil for the vege patch. All of this is made so much easier and less fuss if you can separate the scraps in the kitchen as you go.

Unfortunately I couldn't find anything commercially available that was both cute enough to be happy to keep on the counter top, rust proof and functional. I set to work and had 3 designers draw original drawings for me and sourced pails that are hard wearing and long lasting.

I couldn't choose a favourite between the designs so you can choose your favourite from 3 collections of chickens, ducks and compost.


Hand wash or dishwasher safe.